Would you choose to study in Ireland?

My grandparents came to the US from Ireland and I would like to go back there one time, especially after reading the article how easy it is to find a job in one of the global companies such as Google or eBay if you are there and have good educational background. I was thinking about doing my MBA in Ireland actually, One of the best ways to boost a career and is to complete an MBA program.

Take a closer look at this video about the University of Limerick:

These days, while the pace of business exercises is speeding up rapidly in the world, business people must be commercially aware more than ever before. Enrolling in an MBA program will guarantee the best-established path to obtain all the related and essential skills and know-how. You would not believe how inexpensive it is over there.

Studying in Ireland

All over the world, Ireland’s extensive and famous history of academic excellence is acknowledged. Reaching back as far as the Middle Ages, Ireland always has been known for its strong educational strength and has one of the best academic reputations in the western world.

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Excellence in Education: The Making Of Great Schools

Consider just a few of these issues: safe schools, how to better integrate technology into the curriculum, extending the school day and the school year, how much homework is too much, figuring out successful strategies to develop community-based schools, finding foreign language and science teachers, managing gender disparities in achievement and coping with testing.

Sound familiar? These concerns have been the stuff of staff development meetings and educational administrator conferences here for years, as teachers, principals and superintendents struggle to adjust to an ever more demanding, and swiftly changing, educational environment.

What’s different in this comprehensive and scholarly book, obviously destined for academic and policy-making circles, is that the educational system in question is that of the United Kingdom, which has in recent years been as convulsed by upheavals as our own system.

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