Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! What many Irish here (and I guess many Americans as well) don’t know is that fourteen years before the American Declaration of Independence, the first Saint Patrick’s Day Parade was held in New York City. To be precise, on March 17, 1762!

257 years later…

The Irish Channel America, an organization that my mom and dad are involved in, is proud to wish the 35 Million Irish Americans (Source: U.S.Census 2000) Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Just take a look a this 2018 New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade video (though I bet you the 2019 one will be even better!):

New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2019 is held on Sunday, March 16, and then you can watch New York’s 5th Avenue go entirely green to celebrate the Irish heritage and culture. But first, more about The Irish Channel America, an organization that my parents are so busy with.

The Irish Channel America is connecting the 35 million Irish Americans with their culture and country of origin and to provide the Island of Ireland with a US digital platform for the promotion, development and marketing of Irish Art, Sports, Tourism, Music, Language, Literature, Film, Television, Education, Business and Finance, working with government and industry to foster new commercial and cultural relationships between the United States of America and Ireland, through television – the worlds most powerful communication medium.

But as the saying goes…
‘Everyone’s a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day’

A Few Great Videos About Ireland

Ireland is a mystical and magical land, small but beautiful. The magnificent scenery of the West of Ireland has inspired poets, painters, and writers. I even managed to sing (and accompany myself on a guitar I bought here) a traditional Irish Drinking Song (Limerick, You Are My Lady) when I went back to the States over Christmas to visit my family. Oh boy, what a joy…and what an inspiration…

The mountains and lakes are awe-inspiring in sunshine or rain. There is much peace and tranquility to be found here.  I do hope that the weather will get better here in Ireland in May because I’m planning to set out for the beautiful western portions of my temporary home country. Who knows, I may get even more inspired and learn a few more traditional Irish songs to play when I’ll get back next time to the States. I must say, though, that my parents (and not only them!) were very appreciative of my humble efforts to play and sing in a (more or less) traditional Irish way. They really liked my version of the Irish drinking song “Limerick You Are My Lady” back home during the Christmas holidays.

Everyone wants to visit Ireland – and that’s hardly surprising. Ireland is a charming country with great traditional food, modern and vibrant, yet retaining always a sense of history and just of hint of mystery. Irish pubs are so popular they’ve sprung up all over the world, operating in unlikely places such as Budapest and Hong Kong. But I think the best are to be found here, especially in Limerick, perhaps Ireland’s most authentic and vibrant city (but what do I know…).

Check out these awesome videos about Ireland:

The real magic remains in Ireland, though, and now you have a chance to visit real Irish pubs, celebrate birthdays the Irish way, and tour the country that nurtured them.