Irish College of Druids (only in Ireland…)

Over the last two months, I’ve been pretty busy with getting the grades I need and maybe that explains (to a certain degree, Irish pubs are great, too…) why it’s been a couple of weeks since I told you about my life as a high school student life here in Ireland. I’ve been going around the Irish landscape quite a bit, though, and I discovered some weird things going on… Read on to learn all about the Irish College of Druids (only in Ireland…)

Today is Friday and my study week has come to an end and the following is something I really would like you to take good notice of! Life-changing! Just check out the following Irish instruction video, a beginner’s guide to Druidry so you may understand a bit more what I’m talking about…

For many folks, the term “Druidry” may conjure up some images of old, long white-bearded old men with white robes. They’ll probably be casting some mysterious magical spell while using a golden sickle to cut the mistletoe… However! Modern-day Druidry is a far cry from that! It is an important spiritual path with ancient roots, that’s true. But it is actually very contemporary in its approach to our environment, to nature, and to the psychology of our modern minds…

The Irish College of Druids has evolved out of the training courses that have previously been offered by The Grove of Danu. The growing interest in the study of Irish Druidry and the enthusiasm with which these courses are being received have inspired the school to make them more widely available through a combination of local, residential and distance study for students from further afield.

As Druids, the school strives to express a living Spirituality that upholds the rightful development of Human Beings within the Oneness of All Creation; And to work for the Healing of the Earth, The Harmony of Peoples And the Protection and Support of all Beings.

The school believes in the Highest, Uncreated Primal God And His Power, the Goddess, Mother of all Creation and In the sacredness of all Creation and the Oneness of all Beings; They understand the Deities of the land to be manifestations of God and Goddess in the perceptions of human beings without the Irish going too far again in their drinking and singing

The school honors the Ancestors of the land, their blood and the spiritual tradition, and seeks the wisdom of those who walked this path before. The College of Druids believes that through the self-moved path of transformation, students can attain the Imbas or the illumination that brings enlightenment.

Druidry is not a religion but a spiritual path; this means there is no central authority, no dogma and no requirement to believe all that is offered for your consideration during your training. In a strange way this reminds me a bit of the latest St. Patrick’s Day Parade with its strange characters but you will find, however, that the basic form of our practice is held in common with the practices of all druids.

The above statement has been born out of the perception and understanding of the Druids of The Irish College of Druids and is not necessarily representative of the beliefs of all Druids. Like the majority of the Druids of Ireland, the school honors the diversity of perception and practice that exists among people as evidence of a living, organic spiritual path.

Students wishing to enroll in the Druid Studies course enter either through the Foundation Course in the Way of the Druid or, if you have some basic experience, directly into the Druid Studies Course in the Bardic Degree.

The College runs the same courses through workshops and courses for students who live near enough to the Mother Grove. For students who live locally, there is the opportunity to get to know members of the Grove of Danu and to develop an understanding of the nature and purpose of the Grove and weather permitting, classes are available outdoors. During the Foundation Course, all of the school’s students are invited to attend the open ceremonies and festivals celebrated by the Grove.

When you have completed the Foundation Course you can choose to continue your studies with the College and, if practical and appropriate, to become a member of the Grove of Danu. This is a four-day course, which is held twice each year – one course held locally as one-day workshops over a four-month period and one four-day residential course, including typical Irish food, for people from further afield.

The Foundation Course provides a basic introduction to the practice of Druidry and is intended for people who have little or no experience. The aim of the course is to help you to gain some experience of the Druid path and to provide encouragement and support as you begin to create the inner and outer environment that will become the foundation for your continuing work. All across Ireland, influences are present as also becomes clear in the Light Moves Festival in Limerick. It also allows you to experience enough of the path to decide if you want to continue.

Elements of Study (in brief)
Beginning your personal journey
The Focus of the Work
Wheel of the year

Although the school will provide the Foundation Course for distance learning students, they strongly suggest that students who will take up the distance learning course attend the residential foundation course to gain a real experience of the Druid work.

Only in Ireland …